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Is Your “About Us” Page Interesting?

by Tiffany Markarian

If a client or prospect reads your “About Us” page will they think it’s interesting? Your “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your website. It shows who you are and why people should engage with you. As you craft your company website, social media pages or professional bio, you always want to engage people with the work you do and the value you provide…that’s your core. It’s easy to forget; however, that your team is made up of interesting people. These are the people who your prospects and clients will be interacting with. You want to appeal to your clients’ curiosity. You can make your “About Us” page more interesting and engaging by sharing what makes you and your team…you!

Speak From Your Clients’ Point of View, Not Yours

Everyone tries to brand themselves in their industry as being different, but too many people are using the same platforms, words and strategies. You carefully craft what you do and what makes you credible; yet, you still may look and sound like everyone else. You can solve this particular problem by asking your clients to describe the work you do for them and how they feel about it…use their words to craft your value. When you write your “About Us” page or team bios, use the words your clients use to describe what you do for them. Too many “About Us” pages end up sounding hum-drum. Many people communicate their skills, qualifications and accolades, but it ends up reading more like a resume. This is where clever use of anecdotes, personality traits and fun facts can bring your brand to light. This is not to say your impressive background is not important, it’s critical. We are talking about using additional links on your website or side bars on your bio to share personal traits that make you real.

Use “Fun Facts” About You

People love stories that are interesting and peculiar. It is the peculiar and fun traits that show your personality alongside your professional value. Some additional links you might consider on your “About Us” pages are “Fun Facts About Steve,” where the reader can learn more about Steve beyond his professional qualifications. Or you might include a link that says, “Learn More About Sarah,” where you can experience a day in the life of Sarah. If you are involved in your community or philanthropy show actual pictures of your work in the community, it makes you human.

Some “Fun Facts” to include (keeping it wholesome, of course!) might be:

  • Favorite Book or Quote
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Song
  • Most Unusual Possession
  • Items on Your Bucket List
  • Favorite Snack
  • Best Childhood Memory
  • Favorite Hobby / Best Talent
  • Pictures of Your Pets
  • Pictures of Your Client Events
  • Greatest Personal Accomplishment

If you’ve ever attended a professional conference or cocktail party, the host may use ice-breakers to help attendees get to know each another. Think of the exercise “Two Truths and One Lie.” What you choose as your two truths will be peculiar aspects about yourself. You will think outside-the-box to surprise your audience with interesting facts about your life. It is a fun exercise that can be translated to your branding.

You Are More Than Your Professional Skills

As highly-skilled experts, it may sound scary or silly to share more personal characteristics about yourself. You might like the idea, but are somewhat hesitant to put it out there as part of your branding. You might feel it could detract from the strength of your education or skills. What we are talking about here is not replacing your bio, your services or detracting from your professional experience. We are talking about adding some intriguing links where the reader can step in and learn more about you and your team, if they choose to. You don’t have to be afraid to share more interesting things about yourself. People love authenticity and the unexpected. They want to relate to you as people, not just your professional accolades and accomplishments.

Sometimes that means letting others learn more about what makes you…you.

The concepts and content discussed in this article are meant to be educational in nature and are not to serve as specific business, financial, tax, legal, or regulatory guidance.  Individuals are advised to seek the counsel of such licensed professionals as it relates to their specific business.

Tiffany MarkarianIs Your “About Us” Page Interesting?

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