About Us

Our Name

Advantus Marketing’s name and logo is derived from the word advance. As such, we focus on the design and execution of business strategies to help you drive sustainable growth and profitability, including: business analysis, competitive positioning, market development, and client cultivation.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to learning more about you.

Our Promise to You

Our brand promise is “Advancing Your Marketing Momentum.” What our clients say we do is bring a much needed level of accountability to their business. They tell us we help them create a vision that encompasses who they are and what they want to embody with their practice. We focus on actionable steps, meaning we take ideas one step at a time. We are not just concerned with your business; we focus on your overall well-being.

We have personally coached thousands of wealth advisors and business leaders in the way they think, practice, and evaluate marketing. We help you find your focus so you stay client-focused. The real benefit is the transformation you will see in your team, your ability to execute your vision, and the elevated experience you deliver to clients.

Meet Your Strategy Team

Tiffany Markarian

Managing Director and Founder

Wealth Advisory and Brokerage Markets

Owns a Massive Vinyl 45s Collection


Deborah Nelson

Marketing Consultant

Financial, Real Estate, and Media Markets

Loves All Things Water Sports


The Advantus Jukebox

The Advantus Jukebox is our firm’s mascot. Built in 1965 and owned by our Managing Director, this Seeburg beauty is a classic piece of musical history and a constant source of inspiration. We are heavily influenced by the great musicians of our time and the creative genius that artists have brought to our lives.

We can tie almost any business move, branding, or marketing strategy to a case study from the artists of yesteryear. The Advantus Jukebox proudly sits in our office and spins our Managing Director’s prized collection of over 1,200 pristine vinyl 45s spanning the Doo-Wop, 60s and 70s, 80s classics, and the last vinyl pressings from the 90s. We are thrilled vinyl has made a comeback…like all classics do.

Some of our favorite tunes you will hear spinning are:

  • “When the World is Running Down” – The Police
  • “Runnin’ Down a Dream” – Tom Petty
  • “Don’t Get Me Wrong” – The Pretenders
  • “That’s the Way of the World” – Earth, Wind & Fire
  • “Burning Down the House” – Talking Heads
  • “Enter Sandman” – Metallica
  • “Hungry Heart” – Bruce Springsteen
  • “Tom Sawyer” – Rush
  • “Josie” – Steely Dan
  • “Night & Day” – Frank Sinatra
  • “Dr. Feelgood” – Motley Crue
  • “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” – Frankie Valli