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Time Management Checklist for Financial Advisors

by Tiffany Markarian

Time management is prioritizing tasks in your business and personal life so you can maximize productivity. The goal is to create an environment that is conducive to maximum effectiveness and efficiency. If you feel you are falling prey to time management culprits, it may be time to start blocking and tackling. You don’t want to put your client experience or your goals at risk. Use our “Time-Wasters Checklist” below to help you identify inefficiencies in your business or areas that might need immediate attention.


__ Doing Everything Yourself / Not Delegating

__ Procrastination / Lack of Self-Discipline

__ Telephone / Email Interruptions

__ Too Many Non-Client Related Meetings

__ Untrained Staff / Lack of Staff Communication

__ Avoiding Prospecting / Lack of Confidence

__ Lack of Niche Markets / Prospecting Sources

__ Too Much Time on Social Media / Distractions

__ Lack of Deadlines / Priorities / Plans / Goals

__ Lack of Documented Workflows / Processes

__ Failure to Listen / Ego

__ Lack of Follow-Through / Activity Monitoring

__ Avoiding Conflict / Not Managing Conflict

__ Personal Disorganization

__ Lack of Proactive Client Cultivation / CRM

__ Too Many Commitments / Inability to Say “No”

__ Not Committing to Professional Development

__ Resisting Technology / Too Many Manual Tasks

__ Taking on Too Many Tasks at Once

__ Not Understanding Revenue-Producing Tasks

The best way to make progress with time management is to choose one or two of the above obstacles and focus on making it better over the next month. The goal is to alleviate your culprits in the most efficient way possible. Take the time to tackle the biggest offenses, so you can systemize a solution and gain capacity to fix the next obstacles on your time management checklist.

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The time management and Time-Wasters Checklist is provided for educational purposes only. The services offered by Advantus Marketing, LLC are not intended to replace the need for independent legal, regulatory, tax, human resources, financial, or operational business guidance. Individuals and firms are advised to seek the counsel of such licensed professionals concerning the application of these areas to their specific, unique circumstances. No guarantee of business or future profitability results should be inferred.

Tiffany MarkarianTime Management Checklist for Financial Advisors

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