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Top 5 Strategies for Virtual Business Growth

by Tiffany Markarian

Being in a virtual environment does not have to impair your ability to revitalize your business or growth strategy. In fact, working from home may be your ideal opportunity to do some behind the scenes work on your business. Below are the top 5 virtual business growth strategies you can execute in a remote environment to advance your business momentum.

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Tiffany MarkarianTop 5 Strategies for Virtual Business Growth

The Missing Component in Your Strategic Plan

by Tiffany Markarian

It’s that glorious event. A time when your team comes together to discuss your firm’s strategies for the coming year – the annual strategic plan. Opportunities and challenges are discussed. The virtual whiteboard and yellow pads are a bounty of ideas. It’s a celebration of motivation.

And then you look up…and it’s June.

For some firms, that beautiful strategic plan you created has not been looked at for months. We go to the common drive to print it off and say, “How are we doing?” The problem is there may be a missing component in your strategic plan.

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Tiffany MarkarianThe Missing Component in Your Strategic Plan