Deb's Bio

Deborah J. Nelson

Marketing Consultant

Deb Nelson brings extensive business development and marketing experience across multiple industries, including financial services, broadcast media, real estate, and health care. Drawing from her real world experience as a Director of Marketing for Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Rhode Island and Signator Investors, Inc., Deb serves as a consultant to local wealth management firms across the country. Deb and the Advantus Marketing team bring a distinct, personalized process for acquiring and retaining clients in today’s business environment.

As a strong advocate for helping businesses understand consumer behavior, Deb’s passion is working directly with professionals to drive overall business growth. Her results in prospecting and client cultivation have been featured nationally, and she has spoken at many industry conferences and appeared on network television. Deb helps business professionals and wealth advisors focus on actionable steps and see through the eyes and ears of the client better. Working with the Advantus Marketing team, Deb helps you become more referable without asking and helps you think at a higher level to build a more sustainable practice.

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