Welcome to Advantus Marketing

We are a marketing and management consulting firm devoted to helping you advance your niche marketing, branding and business momentum. We focus on the design and execution of business strategies to help you generate sustainable growth, client retention and revenue.

The real benefit is the clarity and direction you gain in your business, your relationships with clients and a more powerful presence in your marketplace.

  • “If you don’t do this planning and transformation process with Tiffany, you are making a big mistake. I don’t care how organized or progressive you think you are. You need to do this.”

    SEIXAS G. “CHIP” MILNER, JR., President,
    The Milner Group – Lawrenceville, GA
  • “Tiffany is one of the most professional, studied and high impact marketing strategists I have met in our industry. Finding someone who is both analytical and creative is a rare find, but Tiffany brings both to any project she works on. She’s thorough with follow through and is committed to quality in every aspect of her work. She’s also a pleasure to spend time with and you definitely want her on your team!”

    KELLI MCCAULEY, Founding Principal,
    McCauley & Co. – Encinitas, CA
  • “Tiffany is one of the most competent and professional individuals in the financial services industry. Her training and support helped take my team to the next level. She has been instrumental to my success as a financial manager. Always ready with an encouraging word, and fresh ideas, Tiffany put a face of caring and understanding on the home office.”

    KEITH R. SOLTIS, CLTC, Managing Director and ​Financial Planner,
    ​Creative Financial Strategies, LLC – Wall Township, NJ
  • “​​Thank you, Tiffany. It was a pleasure hearing you speak over the last two days. You have a very keen understanding of people. I liked how you were able to address each of our personalities. Thank you for taking the time to study us as a whole and being straightforward.”

  • “Tiffany is a burst of energy and eagerly shares her knowledge to help others succeed. Tiffany can always be counted on to get back to you with an answer or support on an issue you encounter in your marketplace.”

    PHYLLIS SENSEMAN, Agency Manager US Operations,
    Hiscox USA – ​Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Thank you, Tiffany. Our team and staff have been buzzing about our planning retreat with you. They found it invaluable to their roles. We look forward to working with you.”

    RITA NORTHERN, Director of Operations,
    Global Insurance Solutions Group – Bala Cynwyd, PA
  • “Tif​fany gave a tremendous presentation on developing niche markets. She used several models to really showcase a thoughtful approach to developing a market that can be applied to any business. Using several members in attendance at our ABA meeting, she applied the marketing model to their specific business. Immediately they could see the focused strategy. Tiffany also mentioned several targeted strategies for referrals to build your business.”

    BOB DEPERON, Vice President,
    Ashland Business Association – Ashland, MA
  • "This session helped me understand growth opportunities and clarity for targeted marketing plans. What I gained the most is a new excitement for growth and education for the entire industry."

    Jim Brown, President, Disability Protection Partners – Phoenix, AZ
  • "Tiffany has helped us find a course to drive towards a goal, to identify opportunities for myself and the firm…developing a plan and how to manage the plan."

    BRAD NEWCOMB, Regional Vice President – Greater Phoenix, AZ
  • "Tiffany, you have kicked off Vanderbilt 2.0 in a magnificent way! You have a gift for bringing out the truly necessary bits and pieces that many consultants overlook. It is obvious that you researched us before your arrival. You approach everything professionally and with care. You are now an official member of the Vanderbilt family!"

  • "Tiffany helps you focus on a manageable plan to move your firm forward. What I gained the most is seeing the entire team bond on key areas such as onboarding, marketing programs and growth."

    MIKE KELLEY, Founding Partner, Independent Planners Group – Scottsdale, AZ
  • "Deb helped me, based on my strengths and the type of client I had, develop creative ways to get referrals and more importantly, be referable without asking."

    BRIAN M. RYS, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Boston Partners Financial Group, LLC – Andover, MA
  • "Deb’s client segmentation strategy and client communication plan improved retention by keeping my clients highly delighted but also compelled them to recommend others to my practice."

    RULLA NEHME, CFP®, Independence Financial Partners – Warwick, RI
  • “Tiffany delivers excellent info regarding how to penetrate different market channels. Her language and approaches are key.”

    CHRISTOPHER SONIAT, SR., Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Operations, Dixon Wells – Birmingham, AL
  • “Tiffany brings encouragement. We have real targets to aim at and the resources she provides to help streamline the process are outstanding.”

    DOUG WRIGHT, Partner and Director of Operations, Independent Planners Group – Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Advantus helps you focus and move in the right direction. What I gained the most is the language and process changes required to elevate your position even further in the marketplace."

    BRITTANY BOWLING, Director of Operations, Insurance Services Group, Inc. – Verona, WI
  • “Tiffany, you have made a difference in our firm and we are grateful. You are still making a difference!”

    MYRA J. PALMER, CLTC, President, The Palmer Agency – Atlanta, GA
  • “Tiffany helps you confirm suspicions, see your potential, and understand historical sticking points to get you executing. You gain a greater picture of how to manage behaviors that will generate growth.”

    NICHOLAS KREY, Regional Vice President, Insurance Services Group, Inc. – Verona, WI
  • "Tiffany helps you further define and focus your vision to grow your business. We gained an understanding and appreciation for the proper language necessary to communicate effectively in different markets."

    JOHN W. MCWILLIAMS, CLU®, President, Foundational Planning Group – Denver, CO
  • "Tiffany helps you think deeper about the language you use to approach and educate clients and prospects. We gained ideas and insights we can use right now with clients and devices for future planning."

    SCOTT ZILBER, Vice President, Belman Klein Associates, Ltd. – Columbia, MD
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